Token Economics - Universal Token (UT)

The Universal Token (UT) is the token used in the FantaVerse metaverse game. Pricing will depend on utilization by players, internal utility within the game, further development and expansion of the game as well as demand forces.

UT total supply is 7.2 billion:
97% used for game play reward
1.9% for ecosystem cooperation
0.4% Private Sale (10-24 months unlocked)
0.6% Team (48 months unlocked)
0.1% Liquid Pool

How to obtain UT:

1. Staking of FTC
2. PLAYnEARN (mining) in FantaVerse game with paid NFT characters

Use Cases:

1. Character Breeding (both FTC and UT are required)
2. In-game purchase of props and weapon/armor levels
3. Consumption in the FantaVerse game ecosystem
4. Purchase Diamonds with UT to restore energy and to mine more efficiently