Token Economics - FantaNet


Users participating in the development of FantaVerse infrastructure will receive corresponding investment rewards. These rewards will be higher in the initial stage to encourage rapid development of infrastructure and gradually decreases as the system matures. Development of infrastructure requires staking of FTC.

    FantaVerse Mining Machine

    sFTC is a cryptocurrency that uses FantaVerse mining machines to provide storage, CDN acceleration, cloud game computing services for FantaVerse metaverse and network transmission of equipment data. sFTC and FTC exchange will be 1:1.

    When developers utilizes storage, CDN acceleration and FantaVerse, sFTC is consumed during transmission of data and payment for blockchain transaction fees on FantaVerse.

    FantaVerse physical mining machine provides distributed storage, CDN acceleration services and FantaVerse cloud gaming service. In order to promote FantaVerse nodes globally, physical mining machines will be based on a licensing system. Each connecting hardware manufacturer will have to obtain a license in their respective country. Applications for FantaVerse physical mining machines will be available in Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and the United States. These will be the first few countries for testings and deployment.

    Staking & Mining

    Staking: FTC staking per physical node, pre-staked, staking amount will be announced after testing on network. FTC staking value will be adjusted according to the number of participating mining nodes.

    Mining output: sFTC output from FantaVerse mining machine will be 27% of the total FTC supply. The mining output for the first year will be determined after the network is online, and reduced proportionately thereafter. For example, the output for the first year is 10% of total FTC and will be reduced by 10% for subsequent outputs. The specific values will be determined after the network is officially online. sFTC can be exchange with FTC via cross-chain bridge in FantaVerse wallet.

    Use benefits: Participating mining machines will earn when developed and users utilizes FantaVerse mining machines for storage, CDN acceleration, cloud gaming services.

    Consumption: A certain amount of sFTC will be consumed when blocks are added on-chain. Consumption amount will be adjusted according to real-time data.