FantaVerse Introduction

FantaVerse | BUIDL it! OWN it! PLAY it! FEEL it!

FantaVerse is a Web 3.0 metaverse gaming world inspired by the legendary Sci-Fi movie READY PLAYER ONE.

FantaVerse will be like an OASIS cosmic world, with infinite cosmic space and countless planets, where players can play different games and experience various life on each planet.

Players can enter FantaVerse metaverse with different race characters, equipped with weapons, armors, mounts, vehicles, skills, skins, avatars, etc. These characters can participate in PVE missions/raids, explore the FantaVerse universe, fish, surf, race, etc. on different planets. Players can also participate in PVP gameplay, including MOBA, Arena and Battlefields on different planets.

FantaVerse is an autonomous and open metaverse that offers players various gameplay experience and create their very own virtual life and history. All planets in the FantaVerse metaverse are built by players. Players can purchase lands on the planets and build homes, or purchase a planet and build their very own planet with the FantaEditor. The FantaEditor enables players to customize the lands, scenery, NPC, games, tasks and economic system on the planet.

FantaVerse supports multiple platforms, including PC, mobile, browsers and MR glasses. Different platforms offers different gaming experiences.


FantaVerse strives to address the following problems in existing metaverse games.

Graphic Quality Low Quality High-Poly
Available Devices Only Available on PC PC / Mobile / Browsers
Immersive Experience No Yes
Game Client Size 100~1,000M 1T
Download Yes No
World Size Very Limited Unlimited
Creator Economy Do not support Multi-Token NFT & Multi-Token


FantaVerse utilizes the leading-edge technologies to developed following products as a solution of the industry problems:

To Provide AAA-Level Graphic Quality without Download
To Provide Unlimited Content
To Provide Blockchain Gaming & Creator Economy To Provide Immersive Experience


FantaVerse is a Web3.0 application that utilizes blockchain technologies such as smart contracts, cross-chain bridges, NFTs, decentralized transactions, and decentralized storage. Players log in with their wallets such as MetaMask/TrustWallet and enters FantaVerse by purchasing NFT characters on ETH/BSC/Polygon/Solona to start gameplay. All assets in FantaVerse such as characters, land, legendary equipment, skins, vehicles, mounts and planets are NFT assets. Players can also utilize the FantaEditor to Gamify their NFTs in the FantaVerse metaverse, making these NFTs real game applications and not just as a collection.

FantaVerse uses the blockchain economy to reward players for their contributions to the ecosystem. Players can earn various tokens by participating in world building, gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.

There are two types of tokens in FantaVerse: Governance Token (FantaCoin - FTC), Utility Token (Universal Token - UT). Each token has its own use cases.

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