Technology - FantaNet

FantaVerse is built on a distributed gaming cloud system. The front-end application layer is accessed through cloud gaming technology so that the system can be accessed anytime, anywhere without downloads, installation or plugins. Breakthrough computing power, able to play high configuration games even with a low configuration

3A-level games runs on cloud, enabling common devices to access high-configuration games.
FantaVerse utilizes industry-leading enterprise-level cloud gaming architecture that provides a high-performance cloud environment and computing power, thereby enabling high-quality games that is accessible anywhere an delivers an immersive and world-class gaming experience.

No downloads or plugins required, accessible anywhere, anytime Players can access high-quality games anytime, anywhere via PCs, mobiles devices, smart devices/screens, MRGlass without downloads or plugins. FantaVerse cloud gaming platform is based on custom cloud-devices collaborative optimization with a minimal delay of 50ms, thereby delivering an optimal gaming experience.


The team is currently developing FantaNet for the cloud system. FantaNet is developed based on IPFS with a mission to provide a decentralized Storage for FantaVerse metaverse. FantaNet will provide p2p storage and communication technology for computers around the world so that FantaVerse can run on any computer in a decentralized manner. FantaNet will also provide continuous network services. As a decentralized system, FantaNet will include other blockchain features such as anonymous browsing, untraceable information, file encryption, etc. FantaNet has a set of incentive mechanism to optimize bandwidth allocation, computer power and storage resources and enable the project to run independently based on nodes. These nodes will record their bandwidth, computing powers and storage contribution and uses these as basis to reward FTC.