The Metaverse - Custom Games

As part of the ecology, community developers can create and publish their games through the FantaEditor. They will also receive support from corresponding eco-fund.

The FantaEditor is a powerful tool that enables players to create their own games that also supports existing external NFTs (such as Loot/Rarity, etc.) and artistic assets. All modules will be made available to players so that FantaVerse becomes a truly open metaverse.

FantaGame Editor is a gameplay editor where players can formulate game rules, create their own games and publish them into NFT auctions. These custom games will be listed in the game store and players can play these games. Creators will be awarded with FTC based on game popularity.

FantaAssets Editor allows players to create unique appearances for races, weapons, accessories, etc. and list them for NFT auctions.

The game will become more diversified with the above two editors. The purpose is to gradually decentralize all aspects of the game, including creations and create a metaverse with players.