The Metaverse - PVE

In PVE, players can understand the story of the planet by completing the gameplay and battle with Boss. For PVP, players battle with each other through gameplay. FantaVerse also has classic battle gameplay, such as 5v5 Moba and large-scale planetary battles. Players can also create their own games with FantaVerse Editor and collectively build an interesting metaverse.

Energy will be consumed when players complete a gameplay. When energy is 0, no rewards will be produced. Energy will be restored the next day.


Quests is the foundation of all adventure experiences of the universe that enables players to familiarize themselves with the universe and story. Regardless of gameplay duration, players can continuously accept these missions and challenges. Many missions can completed by single player, while some missions require players to work together.

Boss Raids

There are large-scale Boss Raids in the game, which require multiplayer teams to complete levels. Unlike traditional games, players destroying monsters successfully will be rewarded with corresponding tokens. Once you win a level, you can sync the token rewards to your wallet address and view and defeat monsters in the page to get token rewards or treasure chests. You can only enter each raid at a certain level.