Token Economics - FTC Token

FantaVerse is built on token economics and every segment in BIGANT has a token economic cycle. The entire metaverse uses an ERC-20 ecosystem token - FantaCoin (FTC). FTC is mainly used for DAO decentralized governance and revenue sharing.

The goal of FantaCoin is to establish a set of economic mechanism to support a sustainable and continuous operation and development of FantaVerse. The mechanism has two main goals:

  • Reward players and nodes who participate in the development of FantaVerse, encourage them to hold tokens.
  • Decentralized development of FantaVerse ownership and governance.

We hope that FantaVerse will become a metaverse owned and managed by the community with the introduction of community funds. The community funds will be put into use in early 2023. The community vault will start to receive income generated by FantaVerse and staking rewards. Once decentralized, the funds will be autonomously managed by all users who stake FTC.

Funds in the early stages will mainly be from:

  • Income from NFT transactions in marketplace.
  • Income from breeding.
  • Income from land auctions.
  • With more modes of gameplay, capital income will increase from mining machines, PVP battle entry fees, licence fees, etc.

FTC’s token economy structure is as follows. We strive to build a harmonious and sustainable economic model by balancing income and expenses. In contrast to an economic game model, this structure enables game improvements with enhanced gameplay experience for players who spends tokens.

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