The Metaverse - PVP


The MOBA battlefield is a popular battle mode around the world, formed by five players in a group with real-time battle. There are obstacles and hidden places between two battle bases and three lines of troops. Players have to destroy enemy’s defense and base to win, and be rewarded with FTC. FTC will be awarded according to scores and ranks in the battle.


It is the PK venue for PVP players. The arena is an interactive scene in the form of raids, where teams can battle with each other. There are no troops in the arena and players simply battle with each other. There are currently three arenas, each with different layout and buildings. Participating in battles is one of the ways to acquire FTC, and FTC will be awarded according to your ranking. The arena is divided into 1v1/3v3/5v5.

Large-scale Battlefield

The large-scale battlefield is a unique raid that provides players with an environment for fair play. The battlefield has strict restriction on the number of players and levels to ensure maximum fairness of the battles. Players will need to register and the system will pair up both teams. There are no troops in large-scale battlefields. Three battlefields will be launched in the initial phase with different game rules for each battlefield. Participating in battlefield is one of the best way to acquire FTC and FTC are awarded according to the ranking of your camp. The battlefield will open when there is at least eight players on both teams and a maximum of 10 players of each team can enter the same battlefield. 10 v 10/20 v20.

PVP Ranking

There are rankings for PVP in the FantaVerse Universe. Players can move up the ranks based on winnings and number of battles, and in turn, maximize token rewards.

To ensure fairness, battles itself will not be associated with player’s growth and it only refers to characters of specified level battling with each other based on rank matching mechanism.

Another feature in the arena is season battles. Each season will last several months and at the end of each season, the highest ranked players will be rewarded with significant number of tokens, legendary equipment and other limited items. There are 7 rankings – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Star and Creation. Players will earn points with each round of victory and these points can be accumulated to move up the ranks. Each major rank is divided into 3 minor ranks.