Token Economics - FTC FantaVerse


27% of the total FTC token supply is allocated for Play&Earn. The goal is to encourage users to join the FantaVerse ecosystem. These tokens will be unlocked on a quarterly basis within 5 years and distributed based on data of the game. Tokens can be earned from our game ecosystem in the following ways:

  • Participation in PVE games
  • Participation in PVP games
  • Participation in custom map games
  • Occupying resource planets
  • Land resource node
  • Exploring planet map
  • Use of FantaVerse Editor (Customized maps, characters, equipment, mounts, skins, etc)

Use Cases:

1. Character Breeding
2. GAS Fee (transaction fee)
3. Buy/Sell NFT
4. Mining (Staking)
5. Guild Staking
6. Staking for ecosystem collaboration
7. DAO decentralized governance and revenue sharing