The Metaverse - Planets & Starmap

The FantaVerse universe consists of 480 planets. The number of planets is fixed and represents irreplaceable resources. There are 4 classes of planets in the FantaVerse Universe – Genesis Planets, Core Planets, Life Planets and Resource Planets. Each class of planets provides different key functions such as social interaction, gaming, in-game tasks, resource mining and entertainment.

Game developers or players can further develop the FantaVerse gaming ecosystem by constructing their own planets using FantaEditor, FantaVerse’s proprietary game editor. With FantaEditor, creators can further enhance the qualities of the FantaVerse metaverse with scenes, characters, assets and custom gameplay that they can envision.

Genesis Planets

There are 9 Genesis Planets. It is the origin for the FantaVerse metaverse, created and owned by FantaVerse. These planets are not for sale. FantaVerse will build and develop these planets with functions such as socializing, battles, quests, entertainment, etc. These functions will be made available in FantaEditor.

Core Planets

There are 21 Core Planets, each Core planet has 1024 plots of land.

Life Planets

There are 90 Life Planets, each Life Planet has 512 plots of land.

Resource Planets

There are 360 Resource Planets, each Resource Planet has 256 plots of land.

Players can purchase Core Planets, Life Planets and Resource Planets and build their planets with the FantaEditor. The FantaEditor enables players to build on lands, create characters, games, social environment and economic system. Players can also sell the lands on their planets to other players and earn from the sale.