The FantaVerse universe consists of 480 planets. The number of planets is fixed and represents irreplaceable resources.

There are 4 classes of planets in the FantaVerse Universe – Genesis, Core, Resource and Life. Races and characters are borned on these planets. Each planet has 3-7 cities.

Genesis Class Planets

Land & Buildings

There are commercial plots of land around the cities on the planet and every land is made up of fixed grids. These plots of land represent irreplaceable tokens and players can trade. The uniqueness of the land determines its value, which will increase as the quantity decreases, making it an investment in itself.


Players can explore FantaVerse universe from a 3D perspective on a planet.


Ride and Capture Mounts, Transportation tools


Performance, Card, Craftsman, Fishing


Large-scale events such as concerts/ball games


Tourist attractions of various planets, buildings, NFT shops


There are large numbers of AI NPCs in FantaVerse, each having their own AI system. Unlike traditional RPG games with a single story, the AI NPC in FantaVerse have their own identities and tasks.

Quest NPC

Players can communicate with AI NPC and it will generate random quests such as harvesting, transporting, defense, battle, treasure hunts, explorations, etc.

Battle NPCs

When players participate in raid explorations, PVP arena/battlefield, they can also choose to play with AI NPC. These NPC will team up with players in raids and battlefields when there are insufficient team players.


Players are accompanied by an AI wizard as they enter the game. The AI wizard guides players in FantaVerse and familiarizes them with the metaverse. Players can ask questions and chat with the wizard.