Character Races

Each planet will birth one or more races and each character has different attributes, skills, equipment.


Terrans, one of the elite races in the Higgs 4th century universe with strong physique, are natural warriors with strong willpower and they are fearless.


Embodiment of dust-light particles endowed their bodies with a high degree of adaptability to technological equipment to become a technologically elite civilization


Roarers, a race that is biologically enhanced with feline genes. They are witty, aggressive and are natural warriors.

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Choose your characters and breed!

Like in the real world, characters can breed to create new offspring.

How to Breed

Each character can be used for breeding for a total amount of 7 times, with an interval of 5 days each time.

    1. Select a character in the NFT Marketplace, click “Breed” and select a character of the opposite gender.
    2. Siblings and parents cannot be matched for breeding.
    3. FTC and race token authorization in Metamask is required for players breeding the first time.
    4. The FTC and UT required for breeding will correspond with the breed count of the character.
    5. Players can view hatched infants in the NFT Marketplace.
    6. The infant will transform into a character after the required time.