An Overview

FantaVerse uses the blockchain economy to reward players for their contributions to the ecosystem. Each planet will have its planet token and players can earn tokens by participating in world building, gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.

FTC (FantaCoin)

The entire metaverse uses an ERC-20 ecosystem token - FantaCoin (FTC). FTC is mainly used for DAO decentralized governance and revenue sharing.

The goal of FTC is to establish a set of economic mechanism to support a sustainable and continuous operation and development of FantaVerse. The mechanism has two main goals:
1. Reward players and nodes who participate in the development of FantaVerse, encourage them to hold tokens.
2. Decentralized development of FantaVerse ownership and governance.

How to obtain FTC:
1. Public Sales
2. Mining

Use Cases:
1. Character Breeding
2. GAS Fee (transaction fee)
3. Buy/Sell NFT
4. Mining (Staking)
5. Guild Staking
6. Staking for ecosystem collaboration
7. DAO decentralized governance and revenue sharing