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Meta Earth - The 1st Planet in FantaVerse

About Meta Earth

Meta Earth is the first Genesis Planet. It is also the first planet in FantaVerse. It is a beautiful and resource-rich mega universe with a variety of landforms and dense forests, endless plains, crisscrossing rivers and misty swamps. Meta Earth has extremely well-developed stratum with frequent magmatic activities, making it rich in a variety of mineral deposits and extremely easy to mine.

MetaCore City

MetaCore City is the first main city on Meta Earth. It is located on the southern foot of the central mountain. It is the holy city of Terran and has never been occupied by foreign races.

MetaCore City was originally built in the southern part of the city, but after the last invasion war, the northern part of the city was completely destroyed by foreign race. Although it was rebuilt later, the entire northern part was no longer open to the outside world and is managed by the council of elders.

The southern part is the cultural, political, commercial and transportation hub, a collective effort by the people of Terran. The entire city comprise of the central hub, trade, industrial and residential areas and a port.

Lands around MetaCore City

Planet Information

  • Name: Meta Earth
  • Cities: MetaCore, MetaWhale, MetaVille