Meta Earth - The 1st Planet in FantaVerse

About Meta Earth

Meta Earth is the first planet in FantaVerse and it is inhabited by the Terran race. It is a beautiful and resource-rich mega universe with a variety of landforms and dense forests, endless plains, crisscrossing rivers and misty swamps. Meta Earth has extremely well-developed stratum with frequent magmatic activities, making it rich in a variety of mineral deposits and extremely easy to mine.

MetaCore City

MetaCore City is the first main city on Meta Earth. It is located on the southern foot of the central mountain. It is the holy city of Terran and has never been occupied by foreign races.

MetaCore City was originally built in the southern part of the city, but after the last invasion war, the northern part of the city was completely destroyed by foreign race. Although it was rebuilt later, the entire northern part was no longer open to the outside world and is managed by the council of elders.

The southern part is the cultural, political, commercial and transportation hub, a collective effort by the people of Terran. The entire city comprise of the central hub, trade, industrial and residential areas and a port.

The Terrans

Tracing their origin to tens of thousands of years ago, Terrans are the predominant race on Meta Earth. As their populations expanded, they grew to inhabit the three continents of the planet with diverse cultures, faiths and complexions.

Their long history has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous countries. But the "Second Space Expansion" was a major catastrophe for them that obliterated many countries, resulting in a sharp decline in population.

In fact, the Terran race wouldn't have survived if they had not been blessed with great heroes like Abis, Drake and Kenzie, who led their people through those calamitous times. Terrans set about rebuilding their home in the wake of the disaster. But this time they had the entirety of their race in mind so as to curb internecine wars.

This spirit of unity enabled the race to enjoy rapid development in their later history. Relying on newly found energy sources, their science and technology flourished.

Terrans are a highly intelligent race in the universe, known for their scientific and technological prowess and extraordinary adaptability despite an average physique. Today, Terrans are a force to reckon with by virtue of their powerful technologies.

Legendary Armor

Wind Chaser

Lightweight, made of liquid metal and possess great strength.

Ferity, Awakening, Meditation

Inflicts DMG, Combat healing

Grumpy Blower

Made of electronic skin, it is extremely resistant and unbreakable.

Fervency, Willpower, Faith

Cloning, Weakens DEF

Lithe Tracer

Micro-metal, thin, strong, flexible and agile.

Awakening, Willpower, Meditation

Increases attack distance

Heat Defender

Bionic protective coat, invulnerable to water, fire, weapon attacks.

Willpower, Faith, Ferity

Strengthens physic

Resonance Jacket

Hand-sewn, painted with the latest synthetic nanowires, making it indestructible.

Meditation, Ferity, Fervency

Enhance healing

Mechanical Fitter

Pure titanium armor with unimaginable strength and durability.

Faith, Fervency, Awakening

Airborne damage, Elusive

Legendary Weapon

Destroyer Flame Rifle

Role: Tanker

Top grade flame gun with a large range of lethality and strong defense effects.

TALENT: Willpower

Jet flame, Flame defense, Flame protection

Gatling (Mortal Combat)

Role: Fighter

Extremely fast attack speed, difficult for enemies to defund.

TALENT: Awakening

Shooting, Armor-piercing grenade, Wild shooting

Explosive Sniper Rifle

Role: Ranger

Attacks target from miles away, eliminates target in seconds.

TALENT: Ferity

Inflicts huge damages, Tactical Jump, Burst Shooting

Escort's Medical Gun

Role: Healer

Special firearm, carries special effects to give support to teammates.


Chemical grenade, Restoration potion, Physical grenade

Gladiator Dual Pistols

Role: Assassin

Fast shooting speed, able to hit targets continuously in a short time.

TALENT: Fervency

Inflicts damages, Weakness targeting, Dual rifle roaming

Explorer's Engineering Gun

Role: Tactical Assistance

Creative weapon with abilities to control effects and is a tool library.

TALENT: Meditation

Weakening bombs, energy balls, Gravitational balls

Planet Information

  • Name: Meta Earth
  • Cities: MetaCore, MetaWhale, MetaVille