Terrans - 1st Race in FantaVerse

One of the elite races in the Higgs 4th century universe

About Terrans

Tracing their origin to tens of thousands of years ago, Terrans are the predominant race on Meta Earth. As their populations expanded, they grew to inhabit the three continents of the planet with diverse cultures, faiths and complexions.

Their long history has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous countries. But the "Second Space Expansion" was a major catastrophe for them that obliterated many countries, resulting in a sharp decline in population.

In fact, the Terran race wouldn't have survived if they had not been blessed with great heroes like Abis, Drake and Kenzie, who led their people through those calamitous times. Terrans set about rebuilding their home in the wake of the disaster. But this time they had the entirety of their race in mind so as to curb internecine wars.

This spirit of unity enabled the race to enjoy rapid development in their later history. Relying on newly found energy sources, their science and technology flourished.

Terrans are a highly intelligent race in the universe, known for their scientific and technological prowess and extraordinary adaptability despite an average physique. Today, Terrans are a force to reckon with by virtue of their powerful technologies.


UT and FTC is required for breeding.

Breed Count Male Female FTC
Breed Count 0/7 300 UT 300 UT 20 FTC
Breed Count 1/7 450 UT 450 UT 20 FTC
Breed Count 2/7 750 UT 750 UT 20 FTC
Breed Count 3/7 1200 UT 1200 UT 20 FTC
Breed Count 4/7 1950 UT 1950 UT 20 FTC
Breed Count 5/7 3215 UT 3215 UT 20 FTC
Breed Count 6/7 5100 UT 5100 UT 20 FTC

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Terran Race Information

  • Name: Terran
  • Planet: Meta Earth